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Electrical Panel
Electrical-Panel-ManufactureDepending on the age of your home, your electrical distribution panel may have fuses or circuit breakers. The panel shown to the left has circuit breakers. There is normally a large breaker at the top labeled "Main". This breaker will turn off all the service to your home and in the case of an emergency, simply switching this breaker from the ON to the OFF position will turn off all electrical service to the home. However, it is recommended that you switch off each of the smaller breakers before switching off the Main. The purpose for doing this is to minimize the surge of power that may occur if you just switch the Main off. Although it shouldn't hurt anything, it is more "power company friendly" to avoid the surge. Likewise, when you turn the power back on, it's a very good idea to be sure all the smaller breakers are off first, then turn on the Main then each smaller breaker after that. If you haven't done it, you should identify which circuits are associated with which fuses or breakers and label them. Just brief labels like "N. wall - living" is adequate. 
InBatching-Plant-Control the case of the main electrical panel above, there is a backup generator installed and the smaller panel to the right of the Main panel is called a Transfer Switch. It's purpose is to prevent the generator from supplying power back out the service lines in the event the generator is operating. Transfer switches can be manual or automatic but if you have a generator that is connected to the wiring in your home, it is extremely important that some type of transfer switch be used. Without it, there is the possibility that your generator may be charging power lines that utility workers or residents clearing trees think are dead. It would be very easy to seriously injure or kill someone as a result. This danger isn't present of you have a portable generator and you are just running extension cords to specific locations and plugging into them without using house wiring. The danger in this configuration is not using large enough extension cords to supply the power and having a fire as a result. Just be sure that the size of the extension cords being used are large enough to supply the current over the length of the cord being used.
Automatic Power Factor Control Panel COSFACTORBatching-Control
  • Ease of operation .
  • Reliable, Trouble-free, Long life
  • Special Systems for special applications
  • Perfectly designed and manufactured for your application
  • Controlled by Syntron COSROBOT TM APFC Relay
  • Total service provided by our expert engineers

In the field for more than 25 years, Syntron has full - fledged expertise in solving problems related to electrical energy. Syntron's main thrust has been in the manufacture of Automatic Power Factor Controllers.

We have vast experience in the installation and commissioning of automatic power factor control systems based on our controllers and allied products. We offer our expertise based on this experience to you by way of providing complete solutions to your problems of energy management related to power factor improvement.

Electrial panel-control panel for all types of production machine, power factor panel , Distribution panel.