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Product Development For Automation
Batch-Controller-PlantExpert has 40 years of experience in the design and development of products such as electrial instruments , tools, lighting fixtures, machinery of all types, integration of design for manufacturing, design for assembly, concurrent engineering, appearance and styling, and industrial design. He has also developed manufacturing tooling and special production equipment for new products, as well as prototypes and models.
Custom "Embedded" OEM Drive Solutions
One of Automotion's unique strength's as a drive supplier is our demonstrated ability and willingness to apply our drive design and manufacturing capabilities to your unique and demanding custom brushless drive needs for the most cost effective OEM solutions. We apply our expertise in power, analog and digital electronics to provide you with the best total drive solution at the lowest possible production cost for a custom brushless amplifier. We call these solutions "embedded" OEM drive solutions.

If you have unique brushless drive application requirements that are beyond the scope of our standard or semi-custom pre-engineered product solutions, please contact us and let us show you what an embedded drive solution can do.

Automotion's OEM Specialty Drive Products group specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of custom brushless drives and unique brushless servo drives and associated systems for OEM's. Together with Automotion's standard products plus those of our parent company's (Infranor Inter AG) we offer a wide range of standard and semi-custom pre-engineered drive solutions. With our Infranor affiliates we can provide a unique total motion control solution from motors, to servo-amplifiers, to motion control interface, all from a single committed group of motion control professionals.