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  Temperature Indicator / Controller
Temperature-Indicator-ManufactureOur ranges of temperature controllers are available in varied designs and specifications as per the specifications of our clients. For oven temperature controllers, the cycle time and offset settings of the controller can be adjusted to attain proportional action of the instrument with the help of front keys.

These are widely used in oven industries, B.O.D., incubator, boiler industries, water bath, cooling chambers, freezer, cooling plant, scientific laboratory equipment, packing industries and others. Different models of the temperature controllers and indicators are as follows:
Specifications Model
Single Set Point MULTI -1
Dual Set Point MULTI - 42
Dual Display with Single Set Point MULTI PRO 96 / 72
Dual Display with Two Set Point MULTI PRO 96 / 72
S1-Single Set Point DTC72S1/96S1
S2-Dual Set Point DTC96S2/72S2
S1-Single Set Point DTC49TW
S1-Single Set Point DTC72TW
Temperature Indicator Range-200'c to 2000'c sensor J,K,R,S,T, PT -100,Thermisor Type
Size- 96x 96x 110, 96x96x 70, 96x96x 150
  72x 72x 110 72x72x 70
  48x 96x 110 48x96x 150
Temperature Controller-